If youā€™re a floral designer, you know it takes more than a talent for floral design to run a successful flower business.

And most florists I know start their business because they love flowersā€“not because theyā€™re experts in pricing, marketing and sales!

Thatā€™s why I provideĀ Courses, Coaching and Community to teach passionate floralpreneurs how to turn a consistent profit and close more sales with clients who are excited to work with you.

Nothing I teach is fluff or theory...I share proven methods because I'm a real florist like you!


I'm Alison Ellis

After running my own home-studio floral design business for over 20 years, I know the secret to longevity is built on understanding 4 Floralpreneur® Fundamentals:

#1. Flower Care & Design Principles–This turns into your signature style.

#2. Pricing & Profitability–So that you can pay yourself!

#3. Booking Clients & Closing the Sale–So that you book clients easily.

#4. Establishing a Reputable Brand–To develop credibility & longevity.

The problem is without a strong foundation for your business you can waste years doing work that doesn’t attract the right clients and doesn’t get you paid!

If you want to make more money, spend less time typing e-mails and proposals, & build a long lasting brand, you're in the right place.

My courses, coaching and community are made for you!

What Do You Need To Level-Up In Your Floral Business?

I teach easy-to-follow online courses on everything from pricing to booking new clients to building a trustworthy brand reputation.

And if you ever have a question before, during or after taking a course, you'll find it easy to get in touch with me to ask a question. I don't just sell courses, I stand behind them!

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"I took your Flower Math course a year ago and it totally changed my business!"

- Kasey

"Seriously, one of the best things I did this year was to get [the Wedding Templates]. The whole process is so much easier!"

- Lauri

"Man do I wish I had used them sooner! Sent off all my latest proposals using your templates and 3 out of 3 came back in acceptance!"

- Casey

My Story

I took my first floral design class when I was in 5th grade--and I was hooked! At the age of 16 I got my first job as a florist and I worked in flower shops for about 9 years before I finally branched out on my own to start my home-studio floral design in 2002.

I know that running a small business can sometimes feel like you're walking a lonely path--and there are lots of twists and turns along the way! That's why I share the systems and steps I've followed for over 20 years in my own business so you can take years off of your learning curve!

Grab my free eBook, Everything I Wish I Knew Before I Started My Business: The Tao Of A FloralpreneurĀ® HERE!

Why I Do It

When I graduated from The University of Vermont, I knew I wanted to start my own floral design business, but I wasn't sure when I'd be "ready" to start! So I trained in flower shops until it was clear to me that I simply could not work for anyone else again!

My love for floral design got me into the business, but it's my love for business strategy that's kept me in business for over 20 years. It's an honor to share the tips and tricks I've learned about running a business with heart and integrity, which is why I teach florists across the globe inside my courses and 1:1 coaching.

If you'd like to check out a course CLICK HERE or to inquire about working with me one one one, send me an email at [email protected]

I'd love to hear from you.

xo. -Alison Ellis



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