Ready To Attract MORE Clients To Your Brand  Who Are Excited To Work With You?


Learn 4 Proven Steps to Attract Great Customers, Market Your Brand With Confidence and Close Sales with Ease! This 4-Week Training helps talented floral designers level-up your brand position and close sales with more ideal clients including LIVE support every Tuesday in January 2024 starting on the 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th!



If you want a thriving flower business,

it's up to YOU to attract great customers and lead them through the sale…

Which of these apply to you?


You're a talented floral designer, but you still attract "budget" customers who can't afford to pay you or don't have realistic expectations.


You know you have to put yourself out there, but you don't like "selling yourself" and your website is basically stagnant.


Maybe you feel like "just another option" instead of being chosen by clients for your unique talents and one-of-a-kind brand reputation!

Your brand message and reputation is what brings the BEST clients to you…


Making posts and reels to educate the WRONG clients is a waste of time that leads to frustration and burnout!



If you want to stand out amongst the competition, you need to level-up your brand position so that you become the clear, #1 BEST choice.

Without a branding and sales strategy to attract the right customers, your business won't stand out & you'll get left behind. NOW is the time to take action to change that!

The Art of Good Business was made for you! Before you sign up, we can even hop on a 20-minute Call to talk about your business so you can be absolutely sure it's the right fit for you! (And if it's not the right fit, no problem! We'll still have a helpful chat!)


Hey, Floralpreneur® ! I’m Alison Ellis.

If this is your first time meeting me, I’m a floral designer, author and educator who teaches florists around the world how to increase their income and book clients more quickly with honest, actionable strategies and step-by-step courses.

I’ve been running my own home-studio floral design business for over 20 years and when I started my business I didn’t know anything about marketing and branding!

My floral design skills were pretty solid and I knew how to price my work, but the branding and marketing end of things took me years to figure out! There was a time when I didn't know how to "catch up with my competition" and start attracting the clients I really wanted (i.e. the higher budget clients THEY already had!). That's when I decided to invest into strengthening my branding and marketing skills.

It took years of trial-and-error and a lot of practice, but over time, I perfected and documented the skills and practices I needed to run my floral business my way - without following every new trend or worrying about what my competition is up to.

And that's why I created The Art of Good Business to help florists shortcut your learning curve so that you can reach more of your ideal customers and lead them through your sales process to book more clients and build a long lasting brand!


if you want to consistently book great clients who can afford to pay you,
there are proven steps you can follow that help lead clients to a YES!

There are 4 Steps On The Pathway to level-up your brand authority so you can find great clients and create more freedom in your small business...

You may be the most talented floral designer in your area...

But if you don’t develop a brand strategy you can waste years doing work that doesn’t attract the right clients and doesn’t get you paid!

Successful florists know that brand reputation is such an important lever in your business – because having a reputable brand means you can work less-hard to book great gigs.

If you want to increase your income, you can’t keep wasting time chasing clients who can’t afford to hire you!

With an intentional branding and sales strategy in place, you’ll find clients who are eager to work with you, who'll happily follow your lead through the sales process, and can afford to pay you for your time and talent.

When you reach MORE customers who are actually excited to work with you/your brand, you save time and book more easily.

So let’s do this!


A 4-Week Training To Help Flower Business Owners Market Their Business with Confidence and Attract More of The Best Clients.

It's time to build your own unique brand reputation that brings the best clients to you!

By the end of this training, you’ll have a clearer vision of who your ideal clients actually are, how to create messaging that attracts them to your biz like a magnet, AND you'll have streamlined sales systems to help lead qualified clients to a yes!

If you're still on the fence, CLICK HERE to schedule a free 20-minute strategy call with Alison. And if you're ready to do some work with me, click below to get started!


Here’s What You’ll Get In The PROGRAM:

Live Training & Strategies to Help You Get Found By More Great Clients!

I've taken the time-tested strategies I use in my own businesses and distilled them into 4 essential steps you can take RIGHT NOW to level-up your branding strategy to attract better clients. You'll get a PDF each week with a new lesson and every Tuesday in January, we'll meet live in a private Zoom session. I'll also provide additional support inside our Members-Only Facebook group to help you work through the steps we’ll cover all month long. Let me help shorten the learning curve for you!

Week 1: Discover Your Unique Branding Strengths To Attract Great Clients

Florists often wonder "do I even have a brand yet", and the truth is YES! You do! And in Week 1 we'll tap into your strengths to share what makes you unique. You don’t expect to follow what “everyone else is doing” and still stand out, do you?

Week 2: Websites That Convert To Sales

Inside this week's training, you'll make easy fixes to your website that will help you get found and convert to more sales. You have about 1-3 seconds to make a good first impression--let’s make sure when your ideal client lands on your homepage, they know you’re the best choice right away.

Week 3: Customer Service Experiences That "Wow"

In Week 3 we’ll walk through how to create a customer service experience that thrills and delights! I'll show you how to weed out price shoppers AND the exact steps I follow to book qualified clients in 10 days or less.

You can book clients in less time and establish trust with a few easy steps!

Week 4: Standing Out Above the Competition 

Once you’ve identified your ideal clients, attracted them to your website, pre-qualified before meeting and booked them in a few easy steps, you'll be working from a premium brand position that essentially eliminates the competition.

Finally, you can take the lead in building your brand by following a proven strategy that works! 

Get The Steps and Strategies You Need With Support Along The Way

Consider how GREAT it will feel to weed out price shoppers and book clients more quickly!


Access to our Private Facebook Group for Support and Accountability

Consider this your hub for the live training. This is where you can post questions to Alison throughout the month, share input on your progress, connect with other biz owners, and get feedback as you implement your new strategies. (Personal feedback = Priceless)

Lifetime Access to the Recordings & Future Updates

Each of our training sessions will be uploaded to your course portal, so you can revisit them whenever you want to refresh your brand strategy. PLUS you can retake the live training with Alison EVERY January! ($3,500+ Value)

A Year's Worth of Weekly Social Media Prompts

You’ll get an entire year's worth of weekly social media prompts so you never have to wonder what to say to rep your brand and attract great customers! ($468 Value)

How To Conduct A Phone Consultation

Get my BEST tips for running a phone consultation so you can pre-qualify clients instead of meeting before they've booked! Learn what to ask and how to conduct a call that sets expectations and helps you close the sale. ($199 Value)

Vision and Goal Setting Session (Video + Workbook)

Set your future goals in motion with this 1-hour training session and 12-page workbook to help you define your heartfelt goals for your business and your life! ($99 Value)

How To Write Proposals That Sell

Come behind the scenes to see how I write proposals in less time, without sharing too much detail and get clients to book within 14 Days or less! ($99 Value)

Get the training and support you need to level-up your brand for just $1347 Today!

When you sign up for the The Art of Good Business, you'll get...

  • Week 1: Discover Your Unique Branding Strengths To Attract More Ideal Customers
  • Week 2: Design A Website That Doesn't Just Look Pretty, But Actually Converts To Sales
  • Week 3: Customer Service That Wows and Weeds Out Price Shoppers
  • Week 4: Establish Premium Brand Position & Stop Worrying About The Competition
  • An Entire Year's Worth of Weekly Social Media Prompts So You Don't Have to Wonder What to Post
  • Access to our Facebook Group for Support and Accountability
  • Lifetime Access to the Training Recordings & Future Updates
  • 140+ Pages of Step-by-Step Lessons for Each Week's Training
  • Plus Over $5500 Worth of Bonuses To Help You Take Your Business Even Further

You Could Hire A Branding Expert for $10,000…
...or you can get the proven steps you need today for $1347!

(You can even get started for ONLY $129 with an installment plan!)


Single Payment


Save $200 Now!

  • 4 Weeks of Live Training in January inside The Art of Good Business Course
  • 140+ Pages of Step-by-Step Lessons (delivered weekly!)
  • Access to Facebook Group for Support and Q&A
  • Lifetime Access to Training + Future Updates
  • An Entire Year of Weekly Social Media Prompts
  • How To Conduct A Phone Consultation (Real Transcript)
  • Vision & Goal Setting Session (Replay + Workbook)
  • PLUS 3 Additional Weeks Of Live Q&A Support in February

$9,800+ Value


Monthly Plan


12 Easy Installments

  • 4 Weeks of Live Training in January inside The Art of Good Business Course
  • 140+ Pages of Step-by-Step Lessons (delivered weekly!)
  • Access to Facebook Group for Support and Q&A
  • Lifetime Access to Training + Future Updates
  • An Entire Year of Weekly Social Media Prompts
  • How To Conduct A Phone Consultation (Real Transcript)
  • Vision & Goal Setting Session (Replay + Workbook)
  • PLUS 3 Additional Weeks Of Live Q&A Support in February

$9,800+ Value


And in case you need an extra (loving) push to jOIN ME, here’s my satisfaction guarantee…

I’ll give you the best guidance I can based on 20+ years of experience so that you can attract the right clients and run your business with more confidence, BUT this course can only work if you do the work. I’m here to support you and answer your questions, but your results ultimately depend upon your efforts to implement the strategies we'll walk through together. 

However, if you do all the homework and follow the steps inside this program AND you reach out with questions along the way AND you STILL don’t feel like you have the tools to attract better customers, I will give you a full refund. 

Sound fair?

Absolutely! I’m in!

Here’s What FloristS Say

After Taking my Training…


  I am just beginning. Is this for me?

Maybe! If you're not sure, we can hop on a call.

The Art of Good Business is designed for those looking to start OR improve their existing brand position, and that's because no matter where you are in your business journey, learning how to position yourself as a sought-after brand and promote yourself is crucial.

   Where is this training happening?

It's all happening in private Zoom sessions once a week in January AND inside our private Facebook group! There's also an online course portal for the written lessons in the training and this is where replays will be posted so you can watch anytime.

Did I mention you also get lifetime access to join me every January for a refresher? Yep, you heard that right!

  Will this help me?

For sure, floralpreneur®! I'm sharing the same strategies I used to build my business for over 20 years!

And standing out against the competition to get found by the right clients is how that happens!

  What if I can’t make it live?

Don’t worry about it! You get access to the call recordings, so you can watch whenever is best for you. However, I’ll be jamming out and answering questions live, so I HIGHLY recommend you show up and make the time!

  Is it worth the price to join?

If you could book just 1 MORE client with the strategies I'm teaching, would you make your investment back?

These strategies will help you work smarter, not harder, so how much money and time would that save you?!


  Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes! If you show up to do ALL the work in the program--including reading the weekly training PDFs, tuning in (live or via replay) for weekly training sessions, AND implementing the work--and you don't feel more confident in the way your brand is showing up or your ability to lead clients through the sales process, reach out to me via email to submit proof of your work and I'll give you a full refund.

If you made it this far, it’s time to make a decision.

By Reaching More Ideal Clients… I’ve built a long-lasting brand that consistently attracts customers who are eager to book with me.

I don’t write quotes for people who are “price shopping”. And I don’t have to post on Instagram every single day or dance around my shop to keep up with my competitors.

So, if you want to learn how to put intention into your marketing and sales strategy so that you can attract the best clients, The Art of Good Business is made for you.

Because "winging it" in your business and hoping it all works out is a surefire way to stay stuck and struggling. And you deserve better than that.

So.. are you in? It'll be fun!


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