$247.00 USD

Wedding Templates for Florists

Follow the proven steps to book wedding clients in 10 days or less and lead them through the sales process. Save 10% Off This Bundle!

What you'll get:

  • How To Write Proposals That Sell
  • Contract for Florists
  • Email Templates for Common & Difficult Conversations
  • Wedding Workflow with 16 Steps to Client Management
  • Plus each module includes Bonus Trainings to take you even further behind-the-scenes to see how I book clients in 10 days or less

Bonus Lessons including:

  • How To Create A Quote
  • How To Handle Revision Requests
  • How To Run A Phone Consultation
  • Why Florists Need A Contract
  • Onboarding New Clients
  • Wedding Week Design Prep

No special software is needed--you can use the tips and tricks I teach in these templates to create your own unique customer service systems.

What People Are Saying:

I have to thank Alison Ellis for her email templates this year. I no longer chase anyone. They chase me. No follow up emails. No sitting by the phone. Takes so much work off my plate!

-Lesle Hill

…your flower math course, email template and faster proposal courses have been the most helpful tools I could ever ask for. I have learned so much from these courses alone, it has been imperative to my confidence and ability to bring in a profit.

-Jay Foster

Your courses have been a game changer for me especially the sales based courses… I like that I have new found confidence in my wedding pricing and that I am not afraid to turn down work that is below my minimum…I’m 100% happy with everything [I bought]…I often suggest that florists purchase your materials on the facebook group and to my florist friends…

-Michelle, Chartreuse Flowers