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Proposal, Contract + Workflow Templates

Get All The Steps To Book Weddings More Quickly with a 3-Course Bundle!

What you'll get:

  • How To Write Proposals That Sell ($99)
  • Contract for Florists ($99)
  • Wedding Workflow Steps To Client Management ($19)

From the phone consultation to the initial quote all the way to post-wedding or event follow-up, these templates walk you through all the steps in the booking process. Retail Value $217.

What People Are Saying:

Increased my booking rate 500% this past year... I was getting ghosted like crazy last year. It was horrible. Get Alison Ellis's Wedding Workflow and her email templates. I'm not joking, they turned my business around. Increased my booking rate 500% this past year.

-Branches and Blossoms Design

Our ideal bride just booked with an 8 day turn around from quote to deposit! Wooohooo try it… Reading through the templates gave us a fresh pair of eyes and ideas – we decided to try the expiration date approach and we have a record breaker!

-Danijela FitzGibbon

I purchased your contract before the holidays and used it to update and expand my existing (must shorter) wedding contract, then worked with an attorney to review for my state. She made very few changes and was very impressed with how non-Frankensteiny it was compared to other contracts she has seen. I finally have that feeling of relief going forward, and I'm sure I saved hundreds of dollars by having a great contract draft before sending it to the attorney.

-April Vomfell